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Membership Benefits

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Executive Membership Benefits

Your TTEC membership can be a source of information and collaboration that will contribute to the success of your company and augment your career.  Our council provides a forum of executives and industry experts sharing experiences and technology developments based on priority challenges selected by our members.  TTEC also provides an opportunity to advance your social network of IT executives based on common challenges and opportunities.

TTEC provides the following resources and events to facilitate your success:

  • Monthly technology briefings focused on priority issues in our executive community
  • A members-only website helping members connect with other executives sharing common priorities and challenges
  • Access to the members-only web collaboration resources such as Discussion Groups, Blogs, Podcasts, white-papers and other member contributions
  • Executive networking events (Golf Events, Social Networking etc.)

TTEC also provides the executives in the Information Technology with the opportunity to contribute to the community through support of higher education and local entrepreneurs:


Education and Community Support

The Triangle Technology Executives Council coordinates volunteer resources from across our executive membership to further the objectives of educational institutions and community organizations.

TTEC education & community support is conducted in the following forums:

  • Monthly briefings on topics chosen and prioritized by the members.
  • Networking and communications among members to foster development of relationships that will facilitate effective collaboration. 

Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship and Support

The Triangle Technology Executives Council supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem and emerging technologies in the Triangle. Our volunteer technology executive resources provide insight and support for entrepreneurs and in the development of related emerging technologies. We believe the partnerships, shared experiences, and expert perspectives on technologies of the TTEC membership can be an important aspect in the success of a technology start up.

Corporate Membership Benefits

If you concur that business runs on relationships, corporate membership in the Triangle Technology Executives Council (TTEC) offers a valuable investment for you contributions. Membership in this organization is by invitation only and limited to senior technology executives in decision-making roles. This limitation provides an effective forum for technology executives to exchange experiences associated challenges, successes and setbacks across the region. Becoming a member of TTEC through a corporate membership opportunity is your opportunity to become a partner in this process and benefit from the education and collaboration in our executive briefings.

Donations to the Triangle Technology Executives Council are deductible as a charitable contribution. TTEC is a 501(c)(3) organization providing education and volunteer services to the communities we serve. You should consult your tax accountants/attorneys as appropriate to ensure your donations to TTEC and properly recorded. We currently offer opportunities for annual corporate membership and event sponsoring as outlined below: 

Corporate Membership 

These members contribute a $5,000 donation to TTEC for an annual membership providing the following benefits:

  • Invitation to all TTEC events for 2 members of your corporation
  • Access to the TTEC members-only website and related resources
  • Company logo and links directly from the TTEC home page
  • Signage at all TTEC events 

We also utilize our corporate members as priority resources in the development of monthly TTEC Executive Briefings. We enjoy providing our corporate member companies with the opportunity to highlight their respective competencies as we pursue our education objectives. As you support the technology executive community, we support the visibility of the services provided by your company. 

Our organization limits the number of corporate members by category to retain the value for your contributions. We would prefer your company to be a valued partner in TTEC activities and not simply one among many companies offering the same service. The membership categories currently open for sponsoring are as follows:

  • Recruiting / Hiring: Applications Currently Closed
  • Consulting: Application Available
  • Technology: Application Available
  • Education Organizations: Application Available
  • Non-Technology: Application Available

If you are interested in becoming a TTEC corporate member, we encourage you to contact our existing corporate members to gain their perspective of the benefits. To initiate the process to be considered as a TTEC corporate member, simply access the "Apply for Membership" section of our website and select "Corporate Member" as the member type. 

If you have any questions regarding the corporate member program at TTEC, please send your contact information and questions to sponsor@ncttec.net

Event Sponsoring 

These sponsors contribute donation to TTEC for an annual membership providing the following benefits:

  • Invitation to the TTEC event specifically designated for your support 
  • Signage and recognition at the TTEC event

Sponsors selecting the option to support a specific event are typically directly involved to also provide expertise on a panel or facilitate discussion associated with their respective products and/or services. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the competency of your organization and the expertise of your staff to the collection of senior decision-making executives from across this region. 

If you are interested in partnering with TTEC in an event, please send your contact information and request to sponsor@ncttec.net. We are anxious to discuss your ideas for partnering with your company to promote the education of our executive community.  

Our agenda of Executive Briefings are identified through a process evaluating the priority issues of the technology community. Briefing topics are evaluated and selected on a quarterly basis. As a result, the lead-time for scheduling a TTEC event is between 3-5 months. These briefing are typically attended by 30-50 TTEC members. Briefing materials and contact information is provided to the entire TTEC executive community.

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