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About TTEC

The Triangle Technology Executives Council (TTEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the economic development of technology companies in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina through the education and collaboration among leaders in the management community.  The council resources are primarily volunteers comprised of executive technology leadership in this region.  Other resources are provided by TTEC sponsors who share the commitment for economic development in the area. We also partner with local universities and  entrepreneurial organizations to extend our shared expertise to aspiring students and technology ventures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the success of our member executives through education and collaboration. We will also contribute to the continued growth of business in the community by utilizing the collective IT executive base to support education, emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.

Our Vision

The Triangle Technology Executives Council is the premier forum for networking and collaboration between technology executives in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. We provide the ongoing open and candid deliberation on key technology and leadership issues facing our executive community and promote the social networking to foster the development of relationships essential to each member’s success. We strive to be an essential tool for the development and success of technology executives in the region.

The Pillars of TTEC

Education and Community Support

The Triangle Technology Executives Council coordinates volunteer resources from across our executive membership to further the objectives of educational institutions and community organizations.

TTEC education & community support is conducted in the following forums:

  • Monthly briefings on topics chosen and prioritized by the members.
  • Networking and communications among members to foster development of relationships that will facilitate effective collaboration. 

Emerging Technologies and Entrepreneurship and Support

The Triangle Technology Executives Council supports the entrepreneurial ecosystem and emerging technologies in the Triangle. Our volunteer technology executive resources provide insight and support for entrepreneurs and in the development of related emerging technologies. We believe the partnerships, shared experiences, and expert perspectives on technologies of the TTEC membership can be an important aspect in the success of a technology start-up.

Member Company Profiles

Percent by Role

14% President / CEO / Partner

21% CIO / CTO / COO / CFO

18% Vice President / Sr. VP – IT

35% Director / Sr. Director – IT

11% Other

Percent by Industry

58% High Tech

13% Medical and Health Care

8% Corporate Services

8% Finance

2% Consumer Goods

2% Transportation

2% Recreation, Travel And Entertainment

2% Organizations And Non-Profit

2% Education

4% Other

Percent by Company Size

17% 1–10 Employees

18% 11–50

27% 51–200

9% 201–500

5% 501–1,000

7% 1,001–5,000

2% 5,001–10,000

16% More than 10,000

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